Sunday, October 11, 2009

Disney Hires Dinosaurs

I have eaten among dinosaurs and found that it was EPIC.

Downtown Disney's new restaraunt, T-Rex Cafe, in Orlando lets diners eat among animatronic dinosaurs -- or get drunk under a giant octopus while surrounded by live fish.

Not to mention their food is fantastic. Talk about giant portions. Especially their giant burger piled with a pound of beef.

The restaraunt is super packed most every night and getting reservations can be tough but it's totally worth it. They also have an ice cave inside the building and a simulated meteor shower every 20 minutes.

Although, admittedly, it's a little weird enjoying a meal while animatronic dinosaurs make angonizing sounds of pain and terror during the simulation of their demise.

They also have a Build-a-Bear, Build-a-Dinosaur, where you can build your own cartoonish stuffed dinosaur and dress it in strange costumes. You know, if you're five.

T-Rex Cafe Web site

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